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The structure rode every race we cover, it allows us to provide the organizers of sports competitions different services:

Cobertura fotográfica

Photo coverage

It coordinates the coverage of the competition with a certain amount of photographers and once finished the competition them delivery to the customer a DVD with all the images in high resolution.

Follow-up to the elite athletes, general coverage of the test, pictures of all the sponsors, stands, banners, flags of brands involved.

Cobertura periodística

Media coverage

We take care of generating a press kit, which is sent along with a certain amount of photos in high resolution to every media outlet in the sports environment and to the major newspapers and magazines of national movement.

Cobertura en vivo

Live coverage

Our teams allow us to make media coverage, photo and video with rise in real time to the web site of the organizer or one provided exclusively by SoyFinisher.

Updated live journalistic content, photos with automatic upload and streaming video.

Subject to availability technique:

  • There must be a sign of cell phone to transmit via USB Modems.
  • or provision of internet for part of the organization in the case of skills outside of urban areas.
Printing of photos on the site

Printing of photos on the site

From our gazebo-located in a specific area of the arrival of the competition-Print pictures taken moments before and/or in real time. Ideal for giving away the photo of arrival to all the competitors.

Our designs include sectors for placing a logo of the company that is in furtherance of the campaign or main sponsor of the competition.

For more information, please send us your query.


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